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Read about the Hippocrates Organisation and how it started!

Hippocrates IPPOKRATIS.ORG is the most integrated Social Health Network, dynamically developing in the local, national and international environment, aiming to bridge the gaps in the field of health by improving communication between health professionals and society, bringing people and patients at the centre.

Hippocrates IPPOKRATIS.ORG participates in a broader Digital Network of Advanced Health Care Services that develops applications and digital tools to facilitate healthcare professionals to obtain valid, direct and meaningful communication with patients and improve the effectiveness of their intervention, while achieving the promotion of their work in society.

The profound knowledge and experience of the executives of the Hippocrates IPPOKRATIS.ORG Organization in the field of Health has captured the need, inspired the idea and contributed to the creation of a reliable, structured and functional Digital Health Services Network.

Hippocrates IPPOKRATIS.ORG enables through social networking and the creation of a social profile, empowering doctors and other health professionals to gain a range of benefits and opportunities, publishing their articles, chatting with their patients or finding new ones, managing their appointments, finding the suppliers they need for their work. They also have opportunities to continue their education, increasing their skills and qualifications, to seek and win better jobs or become sought after by increasing their clientele.

Anyone registered as a simple member can share their thoughts, write blog posts, express their health needs, search for their doctor, show their preferences and benefit from the offers of the Hippocrates IPPOKRATIS.ORG Organization and from each new service developed and evolved by the team to offer more to everyone.

The continuous development and evolution of the Hippocrates IPPOKRATIS.ORG Organization is a strategic goal of the company DAC Health Services Netwok24 Ltd which specializes in the development of Digital Network of Advanced Healthcare Services solutions.

The continuous growth and development of the Hippocrates IPPOKRATIS.ORG Organization serves the motto of "All for Health"! Ensuring in the best way all involved in the health sector patients, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other health professionals for the quality of its services.