Hippocratic Oath - Hippocratic Oath


The Hippocratic Oath


Omnium Apollo itron, and Asclepius, and Health, and Panacea, and all the gods, and all the gods, and all the gods, and the history maker, and the performer of the power and the judgment, and the one orc and the xylographer of the orc.

To lead him that hath been taught in this craft is both to make a generation, and a life together, and to make a tradition of the use of it, and a generation of the brethren out of the house is both to criticize the brethren, and to teach this craft, which they use to learn, without pay and without copy, and without commission, and without the use of any other form of learning, to be taught by adoption, and by the same, and by the same of those that have been taught us, and to be taught by the disciples, and by those that are sworn by the law, and by those that are sworn by the law, and by none else.

I will use my judgment for the good of them that are in strength and judgment, and for the good of the unrighteous and the unrighteous.

And I will give no medicine to any one that asketh thee a deadly thing, neither will I give a medicine to any one that asketh thee a deadly thing. Neither shall I give any woman a psalter of phthisis. But I will keep my life pure and perfect, and my art pure and perfect.

And I shall not be a stoner, but I shall give up my work, and I shall give up my labor to you.

And if I be in your house, I will go about for the benefit of those who are in need, besides all unrighteous lust and corruption, and all other unrighteous works upon the bodies of women and men, both free and bond.

But if I see or hear in healing, or if I hear, or if without healing, according to the experience of men, and never use to speak outwardly, I am silent, these things are sufficient.

Oaths to me to be a maker of all things, and not to be beaten, and to be praised, both of life and of art, glorified by all men for ever. And by transgressing and being overthrown, he shall not be able to do so.


Hippocratic Oath


The memory of Apollo, and of Thee, and of The Panacean, and of God always and of all things, a poet, a poet in his power and judgment.

You have taught me with this art that you have been born in the same way, and you have a life of communion, and you need to be transmitted, and the gender of your brothers and sisters, as long as they are criticized. and teach these arts, if they use manthane, without wages and writings, ordering them and croesus, and the rest of the students who have been taught to them, and who have taught them, and a disciple who is written and sworn to act as a doctor, but not at all.

Arbitration is to be used for the benefit of those who have done so in a way that is possible and judged by me, if it declares that it is not right to do so.

I give no medicine that is not deadly, and I do not give it to you. But I don't give a woman a pessary of fluorine. I do not know and preserve my life and the art of the month.

The temeo is not a stone, but I give up my work as a prey to the stench.

As a result of the fact that I have not been able to do so, I have come to the benefit of the poor, except for the benefit of all the righteousness of the hearing and the fluorescence, the other and the aphrodites of the bodies of women, and of men, of free bodies, and of men.

If I do not heal, I hear, I hear, and I do not heal in the life of human beings, I will never be able to cry out, I am silent,

I am a man who has not been able to do so, and who has not been able to do anything about it, and who has been glorified for life and art in the presence of human beings for a long time. violating and violating the opposite of the same.

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