Comen Portable Single-channel Cardiograph
  • The world's only single-channel electrocardiograph with automatic ECG analysis function.
  • Standard LCD display with automatic measurement of ECG waveforms and full report of their analysis. Equipped with special digital signal processing filter for accurate imaging without drift, networking capability, built-in thermal recorder with print options and lithium-ion battery with 2-hour continuous operation.
  • It is portable with a handle and a full range of high quality ECG accessories.
  • Automatic ECG waveform measurement
  • Full ECG waveform analysis report
  • Fully digital design, monochrome LCD display
  • Monochrome TFT screen (Resolution 192 x 64), Thermal printer (50mm)
  • Simultaneous acquisition of 12 lines, optional option for line rate
    Automatic adjustment of base, amplification and automatic line switch
    Digital wave filter to eliminate baseline shift
    AC and EMG interference
  • 150 electrocardiograms recording and recall
  •  Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, support 2 hours continuous operation
  • AC/DC power supply, automatic protection circuit
  • Thermal recorder, various printing formats
  • Accurate detection of line display interruption
  • Networking capacity
  • Weight : 3 kg
  • Dimensions : 320 x 275 x 66 mm
SKU: CM100


Comen Portable Single-channel Cardiograph

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